I cannot but be amused at how a black belt master descended from USA to Chennai, conducted a few "few hour" seminars to some Isshinryu students of mine and left back to make some remarks about me that make me only laugh out loud!

If it was just another of my students of Isshinryu putting up the "now traditional" ritual of "biting the hand that feeds" I would have just ignored it. But this man has advertised himself online as the "Administrator" of the official site of the "IWKA" (Isshinryu World Karate Association) headed by my "only sensei" Master Kichiro Shimabuku and so demands a response.

1) What do you call some one or something ( animal ) who feeds on thrown away garbage?

2) What do you call a man who gets into your house that you built and the property you bought, and tries taking away stuff that belongs to you?

3) What do you call someone who drops down suddenly and in a few hours, for payment of a few dollars gives away life memberships of IKWA and certificates for proficiency in Isshinryu and higher dans for the agents who organize the certificate mela?
Scam Artist!

4) And what would you call a man who was given the job of "maintaining your house" if he calls himself the owner of the house and tries controlling who comes inside and who goes out?
A Master Criminal!

And now,

How would you feel
if a scavenger eats your garbage and calls you a scavenger or
if a thief steals away your "valuables" and writes a note calling you a thief or
if a scam master comes thru your back door, meets your students, dishes out dans to agents and certificates to "half a day practitioners" and in turn calls you "a scam artist!" or
if a criminal comes to a function organised by a criminal, with a big criminal as the chief guest and more criminals as agents for getting certificates for cash and then calls you "a criminal!"

What should you do?
React? Challenge? Debate?

I think the best way to respond is to laugh out loud, write an article for tickling the ribs of your own loyal students and forget it!

So the purpose of this article is to amuse my three hundred thousand Isshinryu students in seven countries about the clownish act of jokers and jesters that plague the world and parade as practitioners of Isshinryu!

Loyalty is hard to find these days. And rare in Karate.

I have met very few martial artists who have been loyal to their teachers. And LOYALTY is supposed to be a the first and the most important virtue amongst Karatekas. And only loyal and sincere Karatekas win in the long run.

To start with, I have never been disloyal to any of my Karate teachers. Starting with Dr. SAQ. Hussaini who in the 60s first taught me "Mighwate" - the precursor to Isshinryu to Master Gary R Alexander who in 1977 enlightened me that Mighwate was now "Isshinryu" and finally with the starting of my serious Isshinryu training with Master Kichiro from 1982; it has been an unblemished record for me in LOYALTY.

In 1992, when the the World was galvanised by Tae kwon do and it's founder Gen Choi Hong Hee, in a meeting in Malaysia, urged me to take over the leadership of India, I humbly declined for just one reason "my LOYALTY to Isshinryu and Master Kichiro".

For 45 years or more, I have been fiercely loyal to Isshinryu and some misguided joker from United States comes down to India and has the audacity to call me names and pass judgements about my Isshinryu dedication, practise and training!

Just because he was making a few hundred dollars in a seminar and had to "rationalise" his predator actions!

Now I need to set the record straight for the benefit of Isshinryu!

Among my most sincere students is Renshi Raveendran Kandiah who has been teaching and promoting Isshinryu in United Kingdom for the last 20 years and more.

One of his students who learnt his ABC of Karate and Isshinryu and who was awarded a black belt after a grading and was benefitted by Ravi with an opening of a branch and instructorship became a little too over ambitious. He started demanding dans and powers way beyond his standards.

He also started bitching about his teacher "Ravi" to his students and wielding the dagger behind Ravi's back.

This was brought to my notice and I immediately told "Ravi" to dismiss this black sheep to cleanse the system. Ravi was lenient and took the kinder option of waiting and warning!

This man straight away came to INDIA, met me and asked me to train him and give a double promotion "dan" grading circumventing his Sensei.

I sternly refused and asked him to clear off from the headquarters. This man was adamant. He begged, he grovelled at my feet, he cried, he pleaded and even called Renshi Ravi and asked him for recommendation.

I gave him a big "NO" and chased him out of my headquarters.

As a final "jocular" advise, I pointed him at one of my third level senior student and told "best thing is to join him and get a belt from him!"

He seriously exchanged addresses from this student.

The story of "deceit", "traitorship", "back stabbing" and the "incredible comedy" started from here.

Our UK man seeks refuge to the internet. Chats with our USA joker who has a scam site which appears like a genuine site but dishes out degrees and titles for a few dollars.

It's very sad that he has used Master Kichiros name and address very cleverly.

Now our UK man who himself has turned from evil to a "joke", invited this USA joker to visit UK and take over his center and provide "leadership". Overnight, the USA joker becomes his teacher!

Loyalty, sincerity and all the values this UK joker had emphasised to his own students with the daily oath "We hereby swear to the Exerkai Isshinryu Karate, Loyalty, Dedication, Discipline, Self Control, Courage" were forgotten OVERNIGHT.

And now he proclaims completely shamelessly "what we learnt till now was not Isshinryu at all".

But his students and himself won't remove their belts received from the art that was "not Isshinryu".

The USA scam master comes, conducts a one day workshop, gives certificates for a payment and now declares everyone as having become "Pure Isshinryu" overnight!

Now this is not enough. The UK joker tells the USA joker that there is more money to be made in India as India has hundreds of thousands of Isshinryu students who can be taken for a ride!

My third level senior student in INDIA with whom this UK joker exchanged notes comes to his mind and a pact is made.

The USA joker will now come to INDIA as the true champion of true Isshinryu and conduct a "few hour seminar" to transform "impure" Isshinryu Karatekas here into "true" Isshinryu style!

And my senior student will help out as an agent. The profits will be shared.

Now this senior student of mine is actually a nice guy who has been faithful for over 25 years but unsuccessful in opening a single dojo.

I have many a time counselled him to do something about his life and his martial arts. I was saddened that he was working as a security guard at my cousin's house.

Now this student comes to me one day and tells me "Shihan, some guy from USA is coming to do a workshop. The UK joker who you introduced me is arranging it. Need your blessings for this workshop. It's my one time chance to make some money and come up in life. I am approaching some of your former traitor students and they have agreed to help with the organizing and money but I will be in control."

I found the conversation so amusing that I immediately started recording it in my iPhone.

I have the whole conversation in record and will put it in this website if anyone denies it.

Now I advise him "Sensei, if you have chosen the path to make money and come up in life, all the best. But be careful. This USA joker will dump you and get others directly to milk money if he gets an opportunity."


I also tell him to invite this USA joker for lunch or dinner if he is willing to come (just for the heck of it).

Now some "poorly" designed armaturish posters appear in Chennai about this USA joker's visit.

All my former students who split on their own to make their own fortune are approached. The agents are approached, rates of splitting money are fixed. Deals are struck, and this man visits for a 6 hour seminar in Chennai.

After great begging to various students of mine and "special" discounts the organisers manage to get 86 participants.

A cheap local politician whose only claim to fame was the comic attachment of a prefix of "Karate" to his name with the biggest criminal background and who had run away from India for 6 months to evade the police and who, thru his "ill gotten crime money" became the head of a faction ridden Karate Association (which ultimately threw him out), and whose only mission in life was to "suppress" his only opponent in life "Shihan Hussaini!" (which he was pathetically a failure at) was called as the chief guest.

The seminar begins with a declaration "All that u learnt till now was not Isshinryu. I will teach you true Isshinryu in the next few hours. Thanks to the fees you paid!"

The poor students who were wearing belts that I or my students had issued and continue to wear it from a grading of "Impure Isshinryu" went thru the three hour seminar and were baptised as having become "PURE"!

They were given certificates by our USA joker and everyone posed.

Now the USA joker is pissed off with the poor response, the pathetic collection of dollars and the ignoring of the seminar by the press and media.

The organisers apologise and comfort him "if the students don't come here, we will go to the students!"

Now two more small towns are selected for the promise of more dollars and the USA clown shamelessly travels to these places for "purification" dollars!

Now he angrily leaves promising to come only if "large" collections are promised! "THE NEXT TIME!"


Well I was least bothered about the whole episode as many such masters have come to INDIA. Not only from USA and EUROPE but even from Japan.

(I will tell you the story of the well known Japanese master who approached me and offered "any dan to anyone" for fifty thousand rupees)

Now one of my sincere students and very successful Sensei Renshi Vinoth makes a harmless comment on the Facebook page of my senior student Shanmughavel "Shihan, a one man army!"

This USA joker immediately responds with a malicious, abnoxious, jealous and immature comment calling me "Hussaini is a thief. A scam artist and a criminal"

That's the joke.

And that's why I respond with this article.

I will respond appropriately with any further comments with such ferocity that jokers will leave Karate for good!

Loyalty is rewarded with loyalty!

Disgrace with utter Disgrace!

Long live Loyalty!

Big laughs reserved for THE BIGGEST JOKERS!

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