THE TRAGEDY OF GARY ALEXANDER - The 'legend' gone berserk turned coward turned Lunatic!

'a sincere offer for free hospitalisation of Gary alexander in an asylum in India's best mental hospital: KILPAUK! ( all expenses met !)
- HU Hussaini.

Back from thailand...
it took me some time to dig out old files, photos, letters and certificates from the past three to four decades....... hence the delay in answering.

It's with a great sense of profound sadness that I write this. I request martial artists who I respect to forgive me for using such language. I hope that no other student in Karate is ever pushed to repeat such language against his / her teacher!

I seek everyone's pardon including God's.

I am pushed to do this.


In India, we treat our teachers ( Guru ) more than a God. "Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam". We prostrate before first our Mother, then our Father, then our Teacher and only finally god.

I have a history of treating my teachers with the greatest respect. My teachers in my school, the various colleges I studied in, my teachers in the field of Karate, Kobudo, Taekwondo, my instructors in Archery, my innumerable masters in Art and Sculpture, my Gurus in the film industry who made me a movie star, the coaches who taught me Music, how to play the Guitar, the Keyboard and the Drums; my language teachers and the motivators who groomed me in public speaking; the great masters like OSHO and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Monk Chang who personally guided me in spirituality. There were hundreds of teachers from whom I learnt!

All my teachers speak of me with the best of memories as the most respectful, hardworking, loyal, honest and enduring student who never stopped trying harder and harder and achieved the best! Not in just one field but in twenty one fields, with spectacular achievements in each field. For whatever I am today, the 'greatest respect' that I had for my teachers is the biggest contributing factor.

The best teachers take pride in the success of their students and speak very high of them. If a highly successful student of mine who has more students than me in london, tells people that I was his teacher, my heart always swells with pride. It is of no consequence that he has written a letter to me or not, paid registration fees, association fees, grading fees and annual fees or not!

A good teacher feels happy! It's beyond the pay checks and the franchise fees. Every teacher takes pride in a good student!

During the many lectures I give where thousands attend to hear me after paying an entry fee, I always mention the name of Mr K. C. Ragunathan as my Guru in public speaking. Mr Ragunathan never trained me for several years. It was a two day workshop in 'public speaking!' that I attended. Just two days. But his magic worked. A shy school student in his teens who would shiver when a mike was brought near his face turned to become one of the highest paid 'motivators' in Tamil Nadu history! I met his son Mr. Sreevats many years later and he told me that his late father used to take pride every time I came on the news or my name appeared on the news papers.


There are also occasions in the past when 'insecure' teachers become jealous of their students. This is when the students surpass their teachers in their success and their following. This is very common (unfortunately) in the field of martial arts and specially in Karate. 'Immature' and 'Insecure' teachers are guilty of this. It's very difficult for a Karate Sensei to see his student's class having ten times the following of his own class. It is then that the student is 'expelled' his 'belt' is cancelled, and the teacher starts bitching about his student. And the first and most common bitch is:

"oh that fellow was beaten by a white belt of mine"
"he knows nothing about Karate"
"I never gave him a belt"
"the certificate he has is forged!"

Every Karate teacher who reads this will know deep in his / her heart, what this means. Honestly, I was both a victim as well as guilty of this jealousy during the 70's. None of my senior students or martial artists of Madurai will forget the big battle between Mr. Audimoolam my Shorinryu teacher and his students in college and students of my new school and me. This ended in six police cases being registered on both sides. Maturity starts from Immaturity. It's not a crime to start with immaturity, but it's a curse to remain immature 'all life long!'.

I remember the many times I barged into Dojos of my students (who had done a grading without my knowledge or started an independent new school) and challenged them for a Kumite and thrashed them mercilessly. All my senior students will remember the list of such poor victims. I realised much later how foolish and immature I was. Later in life as I became more mature mentally, I chose to ignore students who left me and started their own schools and claimed that they were trained by some Tom dick and Harry that they never even met me in their lives. Some of them truly became successful. Some failed miserably. But none fail to mention me with pride as their first Isshinryu teacher.

While in public posturing's they are scared to acknowledge my teachings, they will confide their true admiration for me in the way they follow my teachings. Amongst the 12 black Belts who left me (from the 1893 black belts of mine) four have already returned with apologies and the rest soon will. I have made it a personal trait never to speak ill of any of my students for whatsoever reason in the last 15 years! (leave alone any human being till he brushes me on the wrong side). And when someone needlessly needles me, I'm the last guy to leave the battle arena.

I have understood from experience that ... If a student starts a class of his own without your permission, the best thing to do is to ignore him. You try to repress him ... He will grow on the attention you give him. The greatest immaturity in human behaviour is to spend energy suppressing the growth of your student ... Worse is to BITCH about him!

It is a great surprise, a seasoned Karate teacher (legend) like Gary Alexander has not only the maturity of a donkey but the brains of an ant. It would actually be an insult to a donkey or an ant to be compared to Gary Alexander.


I must apologise to fellow martial artists in the world and my own students for the strong language that I am using against a man I always respected and quoted as a teacher. His picture has hung in my office, along with many of my other teachers for over thirty years and I have still retained his name as one among my many teachers in my website.


For those unfamiliar with this issue, let me summarise the immediate past.

36 years into Isshinryu and having taught over 300,000 students, created 1893 black belts, having learnt directly from the greatest Karate leaders like Hanshi Angie Uezu, Hanshi Kichiro Shimabuku, Hanshi Higonna Hanshi Hirokazu Kanazawa and from the founder of Tae kwon do, General Choi Hong Hi; I had announced in 2011 my retirement soon from Karate and getting into reviving our own South Indian martial art of 'Ekku Sar Kai' with the Vil (Archery) Vaal (Sword) and Vel (Spear) as the complementing traditional weapons. When work towards this end was going on in full swing, as a big bolt from the blue, on October 1, 2011:

I received a shock from my doctor that there was a tumour in my aorta which had spread to my kidney and I had very little time to live. I quickly made a list of things I wanted to do before I die.

One among them was I wanted to receive my long pending 'Hachidan' 8th dan from Master Kichiro in Okinawa. I have always written postal letters to Master Kichiro as he neither has an email id nor a telephone number that he parts with. To speed things up, I decided to surf online for an email id. This was when I saw the so called official website of IKWA with some man as its administrator. Assuming that this was the official website of the IWKA, I wrote a letter detailing my past experience and belt history and asked the administrator to put my case before Master Kichiro for an early award which I will receive from his hands in Okinawa. I promised to pay the necessary fees advertised in the website.

I never received any reply.

God was very kind to me. Medical treatment and the hand of God took me on a fast track road to a miraculous and complete recovery. Last December, a third level senior student of mine Tasshi Shanmughavel (who I had promoted to 6th dan) informed me (thru some mediators), that an Isshinryu teacher was coming to India on some trip and they wanted to have a seminar with him, fell at my feet and sought my blessings! I wished him well and told him to somehow come up in life and his career. He had been a "loyal" student for long and I had not only taught him free for years but never received a penny for his gradings too as he was struggling to make a living, doing odd jobs as a security man and never succeeded in Karate as a living with not even a dozen students ever in his life.

I offered to take care of the hospitality expenses for this man plus invited him for dinner though I had never heard of this Isshinryu guy ever. Shanmughavel profusely thanked and promised to come back with the invitation and left.

He never came back!

In Chennai, even if a squirrel of a foreign master comes, there will be a mention in newspapers and the media. With no whispers in media and no invitation coming, I had completely forgotten about both the visit of this guy and the promised invitation from Shanmughavel. Some arguments in Facebook between my student and Shanmughavel was brought to my attention. It was then that some students who attended the so called "four hour workshop" by the visitor named Michael Calandra informed me that Michael had told the workshop participants that they did not even know the basics of Isshinryu and Hussaini was not at all a Karate teacher. And added that his four hour sessions had made them experts and he would now certify them and give them promotions for a fee! And I also found that the same man Michael Calandra was the person who was administering the site to whom I had written.

In a very cheap move, this man had in fact gone to town mocking that I pretended that I was in my death bed and I had pleaded to him to give meca belt for money! I was really taken aback. This man had no ethics, morals or principles. Instead of answering me or confronting me, he had plotted to come and scavenge students from me by maligning me on my back. I and my students launched a manhunt to track and confront him. But he had left in the same cover of anonymity that he came in. The mudslinging by Michael Calandra continued on Facebook and he published a hand scribbled note purported to be by Master Kichiro that he only gave me a Shodan and not a Godan.

Subsequent I wrote two articles. (check
1) Two Jokers in Isshinryu, one from USA and other from UK.
2) One million dollar challenge (5 Crores)

And offered to give one million dollars as cash to anyone who proved any allegation on me or disprove any of my claims.

Unable to confront me directly or to take this challenge, The joker from USA Mr. Michael forwarded this challenge to Gary! In turn, a provoked Gary Alexander (inebriated?) has published a completely nasty, profane, incredulous, childish, immature, bitchy article calling me a leper, dirt, a criminal, a liar, a conman, etc., and had announced that he has disproved me; I was never his student; was using his name and cheating people and had put a scanned copy of a certificate I had awarded and claimed from me the one million dollar prize!

(this article of his is available on his website for all to check)



I actually was really taken aback. I thought it was some imposter on Facebook throwing some malicious, motivated garbage on me. To make sure it was actually the Grandmaster Gary himself, I rushed to visit his site Was truly taken aback at the sad state of nonsense and vitriolic garbage he had unleashed in the name of a site. He has given the following announcement and I quote excerpts from his site verbatim.

News Release

"After 50 plus years involvement with U.S.A. Isshinryu Karate (a name depicting geography, not a business entity), "Shihan Alexander" will no longer maintain association with any Isshinryu Karate school, group, from this day forward."........

".....To All, Let me clear the air. on all of this. Seemingly, after all these years, I am disenchanted with lets say 80% of the Isshinryu community as I am with 80% of everything. My equation in life as a standard of everything is 20% is real, 80% is pure mularkey to say the least.

I am obviously disenchanted (my problem only) and I am venting to try to wise-up the Isshinyu community to shape up or ship out. This is not a Gary Alexander thing! This is an Isshinryu thing that obviously I cannot help. .....

At this point, rather than being the "Spoiler" in public criticism, I will as of this writing "drop" afar from the Isshinryu Karate Systems, and "go" my way and wish you all good luck in whatever you do! I will continue with my teaching (wherever) devoid of the Isshinryu mantra..... "

"With this action being taken by me, all CERTIFICATIONS OF RANK ETC. that have been endorsed, signed in the past by yours truly are null/void, and no longer recognized as such. ....."

Sincerely Gary R. Alexander, Shihan, 10th Dan, Founder I.A.M.A.

This was deeply disturbing.

I made calls with some leading grandmasters in USA to find what the hell was happening. This was what they told me.

"oh that's a desperate act by an exposed fraud looking for an easy way out, on being challenged legally by the Isshinryu system to prove his credentials. A man who had gone around saying he is an 8th dan in Isshinryu for over 50 years now proclaims he is a 10th dan (God alone knows who gave Him the belt. Maybe the late founder Tatsuo Shimabuku, came in his dream and ranked him). Top masters from Isshinryu in USA challenged him on social networking sites about his Isshinryu background and relentlessly pursued him with questions as who gave him his ranks specially his 10th dan. Unable to face their onslaught, the coward has now run away from Isshinryu. The notices and the garbage announcements he has put on his site with "quotes" from a dozen sympathising masters "pleading" with him not to leave, was nothing but a "face saver!".

Then comes more garbage language, utter nonsense that can only emanate from a senile, convoluted, stinking mind of a lunatic who has nothing to do but sitting in front of a computer churning out "thrash" Gary has the audacity to speak utter stupid and cheap language unbecoming of a Karateka, leave alone a so called Grandmaster about one of the pioneers of Isshinryu in USA Hanshi Harry G Smith, whose honoured students include the likes of Hanshi William Duessel! A cursory glance and you don't need to be a psychiatrist to diagnose that his mind has gone complete bonkers with age or he is suffering from a chronic mental disease!

Check his site, the following for a sample:

To: Harry Smith, Isshinryu Karate/Rank Unsubstantiated?............

Since you are a creature of irrelevance to the Martial Arts Community....I find it hard to take any of your actions or comments seriously.

However: Having been referred to your FB page by a third party, as I read,

"I thought" I was reading a copy of the ..."Nazi's - Third Reich Gazette" ... especially when you referred to ... "Adolph Hitler" and "Myself" (Gary Alexander) the same paragraph. You (Smith) probably got this slant from your Nazi Co-hort - George Iberl who has traveled the circuit for years proudly expounding upon the "virtues of himself" as being a member of the "Hitler Youth League" (Baby Killers). You (Harry Smith) even "by virtue" of your "Profile Picture" even shows "YOU" to look like "Der Fuehrer" mit der mustache - Ya? Ya? Congratulations, your both in good company!!!

Further, ... you sir, with your disgusting analogy, in your own words (see below) "Hitler/Alexander", have just annointed yourself lower than "Scum"!!!

Lunatic Gary Alexander's Verbal diarrhoea does not end here.

His chronic illness of mind is explicitly seen in his utterly immature condemnation of website Verizon.


"This Accounting of the Insanity, and Demoralization that I have endured has been an ongoing futile attempt to get these "Clowns", "Lepers", "Bug Eaters", "Rome for Bucks Verizon" outsourced that have all of you/our records to invade our privacy and steal, criminalize us at the behest of the Jolly Boys "Verizon - Robber Barons", the Outsourcing Rats like "Gore", "Richardson" (Al Jeezera - the enemies of America for bucks), then "Romney's" of America lost, to their front line Queers in the Phillippines, India, South America.

....." I have truly incurred mental trauma, depression, hopelessly dealing with one of America's "Too Big to Fail" (An Obama click statement) Ponzi schemes that will screw us all to the wall with their COMMUNICATIONS MONOPOLY - Gotcha!"....

.......As you may determine from my remarks herewith I am at insanity with MR. EIGHT BALL CEO VERIZON, a covert not to be seen slime-ball who is welcome to call me anytime to have "Tea" plus, plus.

I have now decided to once again sue these rats "PRO SE-ALEXANDERS LAW" for damages for losses to my business through the Holidays, and in the process I will cost them a lot of money as I have before. I do know how to drag a case out in the courts."



Dear martial artists of the world and Friends, (can't you see thru this sad, pathetic, senile and disturbed mind of Gary gone haywire). Now, Gary Alexander has the following main things to say about me other than the dirty unparliamentary language of his.

1) "hussaini is a liar and was never my student"
2) he has counterfeited my signature in the documents he gave to his followers
3) he came to my dojo once in the 60's or 70's saying he was a black belt and when asked to fight a green belt, he got his butt kicked!
4) in 1989 he got his butt kicked to the floor. (Again ?)
5) ...I never authorized this Clown to use our organizational name to con his victims.
6) As a matter of fact I (Gary) am leaving for the woods to train an Indian gentleman with Isshinryu(?) background. He that showed me a Certificate given to him I believe 1974 for Black Belt Rank that Criminally has my Signature on it. ??? My student has strong connections in the country and he will get a copy of these issues to see what can be done - if anything."

Gary Alexander in his forwards posted to the online community has attached a copy of a certificate awarded by me, with the name / photo / address / dates / registration numbers blocked ( coward ) as proof that I used his name. His name is on the left top of the certificate with a title 'International President'.

P R O O F !


We shall deal it point by point.

(please check Gary's allegations above for reference)

1) I am posting a photograph of Gary and me, in the uniform of his own MAIA with his own school badge on my Gi, taken 31 years ago (1982) in his very own dojo after a training session.
(is he going to now say that this is not him / the other man is not me / he just rented his school uniform for a photo op to a man whose butt his green belt kicked / this photo is a fake or is he going to accept that he truly suffers from a case of selective amnesia and opt for neurological and psychiatric care ?)

2) Counterfeited Gary's signature? I'm still waiting to see the counterfeited signature on the counterfeit document. Or is Gary living in a delusion that he's so big in Isshinryu that people in India are counterfeiting his signature. Sad boss! Really sad!. Gary!!! Show us all the counterfeit document in your great site (with just a motley 555 visitors on date) and we will accept you are not nuts and don't need to be institutionalised.

3) I came to Gary's school in 1960 or 1970 and his green belt student kicked me on my butt? Ha ha ha !!! It's really makes for uninterrupted amusement by a delinquent man. In 1960 I was one year old child and in 1970 ten years old. Assuming your green belt really did bully and kick a one year old / ten year old, on his butt, your guy just got a foul and no points to kick below the belt. "Gary ... You truly are a 'gone case' man. Please please see a doctor grandpa!"

4) Again you say that the same little boy from India came back in 1989, that is 29 years later and "again" got his butt kicked by the (same?) green belt! Paul Ward was detained by you in the same belt level for 29 years to kick my butt again? Gary, it's makes up for a great comedy movie script shall we title it "Return of the Indian butt!". Make up ur mind man, was it 1960 or 1970 or 1989?. If ur brain does not work ask Paul Ward when he was a green belt! (sorry ...forgot .... he was a green belt all the way thru 29 years ... waiting to kick my butt)

5) Now Gary again slips into comatose and degenerative amnesia. He says "..I never authorized this Clown to use our organizational name to con his victims."

Dear Friends, I have posted a copy of the letter "hand written by the great Karate legend - GARY ALEXANDER, dated June 10, 1982, then advertising himself as 8th dan. Please go through it! I have the original 31 year old letter with me. Those close to him and who know his handwriting will recognise it as genuine.

It says:

Dated June 10, 1982.

"To whom it may concern,

Mr Syed Ali Hussaini has been designated Chief Instructor / Representative for the association of martial arts institute - India.

He will be in charge of maintaining communication with this Organization monthly as well as developing and instructing Karate - do as per our standards and regulations in the spirit of good will and personal development.

Signed *

Gary R Alexander
President MAI international.

(this letter also carries a seal in paper relief with the markings: Karate studio of union, INC, U.S.A, incorporated 1980 New Jersey. And a red seal with Karate written in the end)

I want to know if Gary was drunk, insane when he issued this authorisation or he is now in a perpetual state of hopeless stupor! I wish to know from the so called legend if he is in the habit of issuing chief instructorships of countries and representative authorisations to Karate masters whose butt his green belts kick! (or if the butt kicking is a ritualistic requirement for developing Gary's style of Karate internationally).

Mr Gary, why on earth did you give me chief instructorship for India in a authorisation letter in your own handwriting, if I was never trained by you, if I was never your student????

Was it not you who insisted orally that you are the president of MAI International and it must be mentioned so in every certificate? Please look at the partially hidden copy of the certificate you have posted on the web. The dan certificate is only for Exerkai Karate International and not for Gary Alexander Karate or your MAIA! Your name has only been formally mentioned as "International President" out of respect as much as Tatsuo Shimabuku's name has been mentioned as "Spiritual Guide!"

Yes the only error in the certificate is the mention of Okinawa as Tokyo. It was a genuine typo by the printer! Your name was mentioned in this certificate on the strength of the authorisation letter you gave. Hardly a handful of certificates were given to a maximum of a dozen students. Then these certificates were stopped and a completely new certificate was designed with no mention of your "big" name after you sent a postal 3rd dan to a student (a cook in my kitchen). Plus an announcement was made to all students to return their certificates and get the new ones which all of them promptly did. The coward dude who sent you the old damn certificate in all probability did not return it and saved it for you!

6) The last part of "Lunatic" Gary's article is the most amusing and confirms my greatest suspicion that he really needs to be institutionalised in a mental asylum. He says the following:

As a matter of fact I (Gary) am leaving for the woods to train an Indian gentleman with Isshinryu(?) background. He has showed me a Certificate given to him I believe 1974 for Black Belt Rank that Criminally has my Signature on it. ??? My student has strong connections in the country and he will get a copy of these issues to see what can be done - if anything

Utterly pathetic GARY!

I really feel sad for you. "Woods", "Indian Gentleman", "Black belt certificate given in 1974", "your signature on it!". You really are seeing stuff. "ALL YOUR NUTS NEED TO BE TIGHTENED MAN".

In 1974, I was just a school student. Never issued a single black belt certificate till 8 years later. I never even knew about the existence of "Gary Alexander!". Now Gary!!! Be a man! Publish the man's name and photo and the copy of that certificate or publish a public apology.

Dear Friends,

All the original photos, letters, certificates that have been posted are with me. I invite anyone from the public, masters of any style, my opponents, any representative, lawyer that Gary Alexander might appoint to come and check the genuineness of them.

I am ready for a forensic examination of the same too.

And Dear Mr GARY,

Prove them to be fake and a million dollars are yours. The money will help you in living comfortably in an old age home. If you can't prove anything, please please listen to Indian wisdom. See a psychiatrist before you run amuck and tear up all your clothes and spend your life in front of a computer churning nonsense against all and sundry. As an old time favour to an old teacher, I am ready to meet all your expenses to get you admitted in the best mental hospital in India - KILPAUK which is in my hometown, Chennai. We have the best doctors here who will fix up the butt in your head!

HU Hussaini
Isshinryu India.


I request my students to paste this up not only in Gary Alexander's page but in the page of all his friends list and as many martial artists' pages as possible so that no other master will make false allegations on his student again. Ever!


More damning TRUTHS with proof against others making any false allegations on me ... SOON!

Please check photos of proof below.

Shihan Hussaini with Gary Alexander

Shihan Hussaini with Gary Alexander

Gary Alexander letter to Shihan Hussaini

Gary Alexander certificate to Shihan Hussaini

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