The Final Batch - Who Can Join



Indian Residents: Rs. 3000/-
Non India Residents: US $110 (plus postage for mailing)


Indian Residents: Rs. 600/-
Non India Residents: US $50

Course fee for Yellow belt (irrespective of duration)

Indian Residents: Rs. 2000/-
Non India Residents: US $70

Yellow belt grading fees

Indian Residents: Rs. 1200/-
Non India Residents: US $60

Timing of payments

1) Uniform and registration fees: while registering.
2) Course fee: the day class starts.
3) Belt grading fees: after completion of course, before test.

Mode of payment

Cash or demand draft / bank transfer / addressed to:
Syed Ali Hussaini, HDFC Bank, Besant Nagar Branch, Chennai, India

Starting of class:

The classes commence from May 1st 2013.

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