The Final Batch - Who Can Join

Belt Levels

There are 8 colour belt levels in Isshinryu and 8 black belt levels that you might aspire under this project.

While the mission is to go from beginners to black belt 8th dan, we will plan belt by belt at a time!

The colour belts are as follows:

1) Yellow (8th kyu)
2) Green (7th kyu)
2) Blue (6th kyu)
3) Purple I (5th kyu)
4) Purple II (4th kyu)
5) Brown I (3rd kyu)
6) Brown II (2nd kyu)
7) Brown III (1st kyu)

The black belts are as follows:

1) 1st dan - Shodan
2) 2nd dan - Nidan
3) 3rd dan - Sandan
4) 4th dan - Yondan
5) 5th dan - Godan
6) 6th dan - Rokudan
7) 7th dan - Sachidan
8) 8th dan - Hachidan

* All dans awarded will be confirmed for International standards by senior masters from OKINAWA and abroad!

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