How to Contact Us:

Shihan Hussaini, 8th Dan
All India Isshinryu Karate and Kobudo Association
High Command
T 16/2 Coastal Road, ( road opposite entrance of murugan temple )
Kalakshetra Colony,
Besant Nagar,
Chennai - 600090

Telefax: +91 44 24917745
Mob: +91 98416-18386 (direct)
+91 98401-76287
Facebook: HU Hussaini

Reaching the Isshinryu India Headquarters!

1) Arrive first at BESANT NAGAR

2) Ask for the way to KALAKSHETRA COLONY.

The main road to the colony which houses the world famous dance school - KALAKSHETRA starts at the juncture of four roads. Of the other three roads one leads to the Velankanni Temple, one to Besant Nagar bus stand and one to an area called VANNAN TH√ôRAI. The road adjacent to hotel Karaikudi/Dhabba and Reliance store is the road you must take. This is your first landmark.

3) Now keep an eye on the number of lefts. On your fourth left is your second landmark - A police booth. Do not take a left here! Proceed forward and take the next left. There is a small Xerox shop here. This is your second land mark.

4) This small road takes you past film actor Vikram's house and past another left and a right. Do not turn here. Proceed forward to a small stretch which is the "worst kept road in Chennai due to a dispute". This HORRIBLE ROAD is your third land mark.

5) The best part of this horrible road is that it is small and ends soon. Now turn right. This road is called Coastal Road.

6) Keep your eyes to your right and proceed. You can't miss our building. You will mistake it for a church, a temple or a museum! It's in fact all three. We worship sculpture here. We have a Sai Baba mini temple here plus a statue of Pope John Paul II. We also have a big collection of statues here sculpted by HU. The door number which you won't find on our building is T 16/2. There are various boards outside at various times depending on what activity the focus is on. Sometimes you may find no banners here as a product of very strong winds that blow from the sea which is right beside.

7) Once you have located us, please give Shihan a call. Shihan can surprise you by coming out and leading you in or at times will make you wait in the reception.


If you are a prospective student of Karate, Shihan has the usual ritual of making you wait. Shihan believes that if a student is really keen, then he/she will display patience in meeting the Teacher. If you have other priorities in life on that day, other than meet your Teacher, then forget about learning Karate. Shihan Hussaini is notorious for making some aspirants wait for many many hours. There is a famous Telugu star who was made to wait for several days before Shihan met him and several weeks before he taught him. A very successful movie was later made and acted by this star about how he was made to wait for Shihan and after several refusals he was finally accepted into the Isshinryu brotherhood. Its a simple philosophy "you need to prove your commitment to become a serious student of Karate". Nobody is forcing you to join.


1) Please put your mobiles on silent when you enter. Shihan likes being called 'HU!' so you can address him as HU. Your ordeal is not over when you are finally inside Shihan's office room. He is invariably busy on calls, working on his huge iMac or entertaining other people too. Don't get frustrated. All best things don't come easy. If you catch him in his dojo working out, it's a good idea to sit and watch him work on his Katas or Shoot with an array of bows or be in "Zanshin" with some weapon he is practising with!.

2) Once Shihan has his attention on you, you can ask any or every doubt about Karate and the course you are going to do. He is most patient in answering any and every query you have.

3) Shihan might spend little to lots of time with you depending on how interesting your presence is.

4) Shihan loves animals so don't be surprised if cats cross the table during your meeting or you are constantly disturbed by an African Grey Parrot (practising to talk mimicking some sound or simy whistling), or if a huge Golden Retriever dog barges in to wag his tail hard. He is harmless!

5) Shihan will decide if he wishes to teach you and if he does, he will tell you when to start.



"Watch what a true Isshinryu World Karate Championship is!"


DECEMBER 28th - 29th, 2018, Chennai, INDIA.

  • The biggest ever event in the world of Isshinryu!

  • With largest number of countries participating in any Isshinryu World Championships ever!

  • Regularly once in two years!

  • All Isshinryu stylists all over the world welcome!

  • Creatively sculpted, designer trophy for winners!

  • First ever "Knock-Out" category in Isshinryu!

  • Unprecedented cash award to "Grand Champion!"

  • Come celebrate the true spirit of Isshinryu brotherhood!

  • Preliminary registrations from August 15, 2013.

  • Follow announcements, updates in official website

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