Following the malicious remark made by a joker of a master who visited India on the invitation of some of my students and the strong article I wrote under the title "TWO JOKERS FROM ISSHINRYU" an incredible post of reports with letters alleged to have been written by international and Okinawan masters, that I do not know Karate, am only a white belt and statements that i was under house arrest for 12 years and trained under Master Kichiro for only a day have been doing the rounds on Facebook.

While I shall make direct face to face, enquiries with the 2 masters who were alleged to have written these notes and the reasons why they wrote such things if the letters are genuine. I feel compelled to meanwhile throw a challenge.

While by nature, I never rebut each and everyone and am past the stage where I need to answer any allegation by anyone, I wish to throw an open challenge to anyone in the world to take a bet with me for One Million US dollars (Five Crore Indian Rupees) to prove any allegation against me as right.

I am ready to have a legal agreement in any court for giving the amount if I lose the bet. I expect the same from the challenger with a known source and guarenteed means for payment. This applies to both.


  1. Prove that I did not receive a 5th degree, Godan black belt from Master Kichiro Shimabuku at the world headquarters at Okinawa in 1992 (over 20 years ago). I have photos and negatives of him awarding the belt and am ready for a forensic examination by any reputed institute in the world which can prove that this is a fake. (one can persuade many an Okinawan Karate master today with some inducement of currency or a plea or request with other remuneration of cash or kind today to award belts to the undeserving or deny that a belt was ever awarded to someone in the past. But one can't prove a fact as false. It's really sad that Okinawan Karate has come to this state of affairs where one is forced to deny a fact for some returns.) I only hope that this corruption in not true in the case of my teacher.

  2. Prove that I was only a white belt when the Godan was awarded to me by Master Kichiro. A pic has been circulated where there is no belt in my waist (but mentioned as a white belt being there) as I receive the Godan from Master Kichiro. The impression of a belt worn on the cloth is mentioned and marked by you as a white belt. Assuming that I was wearing a white belt, why on earth would a grandmaster like Master Kichiro award a 5th dan to a white belt? The belt is from a sports store? then what is Master Kichiro doing giving it to me in his headquarters? Answers please Mr Joker! The picture is fake? Then let's forensically check it with a challenge. The picture is true but Master Kichiro is still denying it? You know the reason only too well and you have directly mentioned it in your letter too. I collected huge sums from students promising IKWA memberships but never deposited it. "So lets deny that Hussaini was ever awarded a Godan." What a terrible shame Mr.Joker.

  3. Ask Master Kichiro who is the authority in a style of Karate why he is giving a black belt with five white stripes (everyone knows that white stripes on a black belt denote the no of dan) to me in his dojo in Okinawa if I was just a white belt. Or why he is awarding me any belt at all. Can anyone prove that he never gave me this belt? Why he has taken several photos with me with the same Godan, 5th dan black belt that he himself awarded in many world Karate championships that we attended. All Pictures will be published in our official website if no challengers emerge.

  4. Prove that I ever wore any other dan belt for last 21 years other than the Godan black belt that Master Kichiro awarded me though I am due/designated for wearing an 8th dan as per Okinawan Karate tradition where, when there is no master who can award a belt to the head of the school or if the top master is dead. (Master Kichiro himself as well as Master Angie Uezu wore higher dans awarded to themselves thru proclamations by the club after the death of the founder Tatsuo Shimabuku) the system has made it a custom to give after 5th dan, 6 years to 6th dan, 7 years to 7th dan and 8 years to 8th dan! Following the Okinawan tradition, I am designated 8th dan and have awarded several 6th dans and four 7th dans to several of my senior senseis who are due. BUT I HAVE ALWAYS WORN MY WORN OFF 5TH DAN TILL DATE. I have always mentioned myself as an 8th dan with a suffix of designee. After the Shudokai Honbu dojo of J Curtis sensei of USA awarded me a Jodan which is equivalent to an 8th dan on 23rd may 1998 in this system, I sometimes do not take trouble to put the suffix. I have always told everyone that I am due my 8th dan (designee) in the Isshinryu system. Though I have been asked several times to get it by post after making certain payments I STRONGLY refused. But I have always worn a worn off black belt when several dozens of my students sport a red and white belt in front of me. PROVE ME OTHERWISE.

  5. Prove that Master Kichiro never ever gave a certificate with a 5th dan designation to me on it with his own original verifiable signature. I have this certificate with me and it will be published in our official website if there are no challenges coming.

  6. Prove that I trained with Master Kichiro only for one day. I have indisputable proof with dates to the contrary. I will publish this in our official website if there are nobody prepared to take my challenge. By the by I wish the joker publishes the dates from his passport as to how many long years he practised with Kichiro in Okinawa.

  7. Prove in anyway that I ever collected one single dollar or rupee from anyone living or dead promising them membership in the IKWA. Hardly a handful Karatekas in the country would even know the meaning or existence or IKWA.

  8. Prove that I ever have any financial agreement with Master Kichiro/IKWA or any other Isshinryu association, including the IKWA to pay any money of any kind for any service or authorisation that I was given or that I ever broke any agreement of any kind with Master Kichiro on any money matters.

  9. Prove that I was ever convicted in any court in India or Abroad for forging any passport or if anyone can prove that MY PASSPORT WAS EVER FORGED or there is a single case against me by any police station anywhere in the world in any court, anywhere in the world. (anyone can make any allegation in any place but one is innocent in law till proven by a court). Maybe after this challenge some fool may rush to a station to claim a case and the challenge money.

  10. Prove that I ever used or forged the signatures of any master of any style including Isshinryu from anywhere in the world including Master GARY ALEXANDER of USA or Master SHIMABUKU of Okinawa.

  11. Prove that a single Isshinryu Kata that I ever taught had a single BASIC error. Taking into account how same Katas are done in different ways by even the top masters like "Angie Uezu" and "Kichiro" himself, interestingly I have these same masters doing the same Katas in different ways at different times. I have created several practise patterns for my students which are a great contribution to the world of Karate and practised by many Isshinryu stylists all over the world.

  12. Prove that i was ever beaten by any black belt junior to me, leave alone a green belt ever in my life anywhere in the world. Or anywhere in the world by any human at any time other than once when I was a six year old by a bully twice my age.

The question in anyone's mind will be, THEN WHY WILL SUCH REPUTED MASTERS STOOP TO MAKE SUCH ALLEGATIONS and write such letters?





Now for a few questions to the joker from USA.

Can the joker from USA prove thru pictures that 1000 students attended his 3 seminars in India and can this US joker explain to the world why if I was not even a black belt, he allowed my students and student's students to attend his training, pose with him with 5th and 6th dans awarded by me and my students. Did he in two or three hours of his training accept/promote them to senior ranks. How much money did he accept for this and how much of it he sent to Master Kichiro ...for what ????

I challenge this joker to ever conduct a training or workshop ever in India or United Kingdom stripping the attendees of the black belts I awarded and start off as white belts and then gradually promote them. lets see how many attend sacrificing their belts for a white in his system.

I challenge this joker to return to INDIA or UK, without promoting the attendees (my former students) to same or higher dans and certificates from IKWA.

If he does give them dans, certificates and belts ... note the SCAMSTER he will proclaim himself to be. Promoting worthless people who learnt worthless stuff from a worthless man called Shihan Hussaini and his students; after just a few hours of training them in a seminar. Note in the letter the joker pleading with Master Kichiro not to award me an 8th dan. SAD!


I shall take this challenge to the next level and bring out embarrassing revelations on many matters about the so called masters making these allegations after getting the response to this challenges of mine.

I will also be travelling to Okinawa much to the disdain of "some" to give everyone their "DUE" and get the top man in Isshinryu to proclaim the truth.

I KNOW HOW TO DO IT. AND I WILL. Just keep following the fun on my face book posts as well as my web site.


As one of my student Vinoth proclaimed "Shihan Hussaini is a one man army"

Soon you will taste what a many men army is.

My father Dr. Hussaini started teaching Mighwate in India. I brought the later version of Mighwate, Isshinryu to India and have been teaching Isshinryu for the last 36 years and made it the most popular system of Karate in the country.

No master from USA or Okinawa ever had any role or helped me with one single visit to do this.

This has been a one man show for 4 decades. No man or woman joined my schools after knowing who Gary alexander or Kichiro Shimabuku was. All they knew was my name and my efforts.

Nowhere did I ever use any other master's name or photos in any advertisements to attract students.

Never did I ever promise a certificate or belt from Japan or USA. never did a single amongst my 300,000 students want it too. It was just my name and signature on the certificates.

Nobody owns Isshinryu but the master who founded it.

Nobody has a intellectual property right to it. And yes Nobody in India can ever claim anyone knew what Isshinryu was till I told them.

Nobody else but me can be called as the father of Isshinryu in India and no one can take this from me. NOT EVEN IF THE FOUNDER OF THE SYSTEM WAKES US FROM HIS GRAVE. This is the truth and no one can change facts, but every student who learnt Isshinryu in India owns it. Even I can't take this away from him just because he has not paid me the annual ownership fees.

As for the 8 instructors and 373 students who attended the joker's seminar in Chennai and two small towns.
Dear students, are you ready to throw away the belts, ranks and positions I gave and start with a white belt with the JOKER FROM USA??

This is just the beginning.

Hoiz everyone.

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